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Spectators Code of Conduct

All spectators are reminded that their behavior, both on and off the playing field; reflect on the sport and on themselves.

We are committed to providing a safe and fun environment that nurtures the development of all participants. We play by a common set of rules that apply equally to all, regardless of their ability or skill; fairness and integrity prevail. Violence, hostility, harassment and abuse are not part of our sport and will not be tolerated. Any action that interferes with the conduct of the game or the safety of the participants will not be permitted at any time. The purpose of our sport is to provide all participants with an equal opportunity to learn play and develop their skills and most importantly to have fun.

Please keep the following in mind, because you are a role model for others. Children learn best by watching the actions of others. Especially adults!
  1. POSITIVE CHEERING - You don’t have to cheer for the other team but booing, abusive language and profanity have no place in our game.
  2. RESPECT – Always show respect for coaches, officials and other spectators. Ridicule and disrespectful comments and behaviors demean everyone involved.
  3. INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENTS – Celebrate the achievements of every individual. Each participant’s accomplishment is a special milestone for him or her, even if others have previously achieved their mark.
  4. DEMONSTRATED SPORTSMANSHIP – Show maturity in the face of adversity; not every outcome will be a win. Acknowledge great plays by the opposition for what they are – great plays!
  5. ENCORAGEMENT– Reinforce the things done right and support the efforts of volunteer coaches and officials who teach new skills. A harsh word after the fact does not change the outcome; the mistake or error is an opportunity for learning, not a cause for recrimination.

Any participant or spectator, who cannot abide by this Spectators Code of Conduct, may be asked to leave the park and may be subjected to additional sanctions including expulsion from all future events.

Have fun in the game and show some PRIDE!