2021 Pre-registration Form

Currently, the TCMB Executive is working together to put some planning in place for the 2021 season. Unfortunately, we are not certain as to how the season will unfold due to the pandemic. As we attempt to plan for our season, we will use the form below to capture your child’s name, contact info, and interest in playing baseball this season.

Due to the pandemic, we cannot say indefinitely that there will be a season that includes gameplay against teams outside of our centre but we are optimistic that we will be able to offer baseball to our community in some form. We are in contact with other centres and are exploring the possibilities together.

Please fill in the form so we can gauge levels of interest. We will continue to discuss the possibility of a season based on direction from Public Health, the Gov’t of Ontario, OASA, and Softball Ontario.

We understand that thoughts may change as the season draws nearer and situations unfold. The goal of this form is to provide the Executive with some early interest and will not be regarded as a firm position of commitment to opt-in or out.

Thanks for your patience, stay tuned for more communication.

    We are not interested in playing softball at this time