Player Release Policy

The purpose of this policy is to define the guidelines used in the release of players from TCMB. All guidelines will remain in accordance with those of OASA, South Oxford and North Waterloo Associations. Directives in this policy are defined to support local softball and competitive opportunities for both resident players and Non-resident players.

All release requests will be dealt with on an individual basis. TCMB is committed to fielding teams at all age levels.


  1. Resident player – A player that lives inside the regional borders of Wellesley Township.
  2. Non - Resident player – A player that lives outside the regional borders of Wellesley township.

Resident Players

  1. All players must register with TCMB in Wellesley Township.
  2. Release will be granted only under the following conditions:
    1. TCMB does not have enough players registered at that level and player movement from one level lower cannot be accommodated. Thus release requests will be addressed at the conclusion of the current season’s spring registration process.
    2. TCMB has an excessive amount of players (14 to 19) at a specific level in that 2 full teams of at least 10 or 11 each cannot be made.
    3. A player is looking to play competitive and TCMB cannot offer a competitive team, competitive is defined as planning to participate in OASA Elims and Provincials.

Other considerations to help determine if a release will be granted:

  1. If a resident player or multiple players release(s) affect the ability to field a team at that particular age group it is possible a release of a resident player may not be granted as the decision to grant such a release may prevent 9 or 10 other players from being able to participate for that season.
  2. Will the release of one player lead the possible request of other players to also request a release?
  3. Releases if granted will only be valid for the period of 1 year.
  4. Once a player has been released from TCMB for 2 consecutive seasons with his/her new centre, they no longer need a release from TCMB to continue playing in that centre.
  5. Should the player wish to return to their home centre they do not need a release from the last centre they played for.
  6. TCMB will work closely with specific age group coach(es) to make appropriate decisions on release requests that best suit TCMB teams.

Non-resident players (NRP)

  1. A player cannot register with TCMB unless the player has proof of registration (copy of registration form) from Home Centre and a release from Centre Rep.
  2. If there is no appropriate team to play on in the home centre player must sign with the closest nearby centre that has his/her division of play unless he gets a release from that nearest centre. The release is for one year only. The player would then be free to sign with any centre.
  3. Once a player has played two consecutive seasons with TCMB he/she then becomes the property of TCMB. He/she would need a release from TCMB if he/she wished to play in any other centre but his/her original home centre. The player may return to his/her own original home centre if he/she wished and a release would not be required.
  4. Players wishing to pass through TCMB to play in another center will be handled as follows:
    1. Release will be granted if TCMB already has a full team at the rep level and no additional players are required and that age group coach approves.
    2. If players are required, the coach of our rep team at that age group will be allowed to contact the player and their family to encourage them to play for TCMB.
    3. If a player still wishes for a release after the coach has made his/her sales pitch, then the release request will be discussed further for final decision.