Registration Fees

Registration fees for 2020 are below.

T-Ball U6 2014, 2015, 2016 $75
Coach Pitch 2013, 2014 $100
Pre-Mite U8 2012 $160
Mite (Minor/Major) U10 2010, 2011 $180
Squirt U12 2008, 2009 $180
PeeWee U14 2006, 2007 $180
Bantam U16 2004, 2005 $180
Midget U18 2001, 2002, 2003 $180

These fees do NOT include additional team fees. Team fees are payable to the head coach and will be determined after the teams are set. Team fees will be used to pay umpires for home games, tournament fees etc.

T-ball registration fees are used to pay for diamond time, equipment as well as a hat and t-shirt for each player.

Registration fees for the other age groups are used to pay for diamond times, league fees, insurance, team equipment and returnable jerseys.