Registration is closed for most age groups. We are accepting some late registrations for U15 only. Please use the Contact Us page if you are interested in registering.

Registration fees for 2022 are below.

Age GroupTitleValue
T-Ball 2016, 2017, 2018 $75
U7 - Coach Pitch 2015, 2016 $100
U9 2013, 2014 $185
U11 2011, 2012 $205
U13 2009, 2010 $220
U15 2007, 2008 $220
U17 2005, 2006 $220
U20 2002, 2003, 2004 $220

These fees do NOT include additional team fees. Team fees are payable to the head coach and will be determined after the teams are set. Team fees will be used to pay umpires for tournaments, additional practices etc.

T-ball registration fees are used to pay for diamond time, equipment as well as a hat and t-shirt for each player.

Registration fees for the other age groups are used to pay for diamond times, league fees, insurance, team equipment and returnable jerseys.

What is the Refund/Cancellation Policy?

Late registration may incur a penalty. This is determined based on the number of players already registered and will be at the sole discretion of the TCMB Executive. Any Players registering after March 15th of the current season will be subject to this late fee. The late fee will be 20% over the original registration fee at that level.

Cancellation prior to Second Friday in April – Full refund**
Cancellation prior to Second Friday in May – T-ball – Full refund**
Cancellation between Second Friday in April and May 31st, Coach Pitch and up – 50% refund**
Cancellation between Second Friday in May and May 31st, T-Ball – 50% refund**
Cancellation after May 31st, All teams – no refund**

**Executive may review requests on an individual basis and depending on the circumstance may decide to grant a full refund. This is not a guarantee and is solely at the discretion of the Executive and cannot be contested after a decision is made.